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Cooked with care, served with love



“Cinta”, pronounced as “Chinta”, is the Indonesian word for “love”. Keep this word in mind as you look through our menu, because Cinta is the main ingredient in the delicious dishes we serve.


Reserve your Lovespot

Everyone in Bali – travellers, natives, families, surfers, tourists, nomads, freelancers – needs a cool place to eat and hang out (crossed out) needs love. So – go ahead and reserve a table at the Cinta cafe.


On our menu, we have brought together our favorite dishes from all over the world, enriching them with an authentic flavor. We combine culinary art from different countries with fresh ingredients, that find their way into our kitchen from organic farms, farmers’ markets and other local sources. Our cuisine is simple and down-to-earth without sacrificing the integrity of cooking methods. From roasting coffee beans or chilly flakes, to making bread and jam - our chefs do everything from scratch.

Don’t let dietary restrictions hold you back! Vegan and meat-eaters alike can share a meal here at Cinta, since our menu is super diverse and can fit to everyone’s needs. So get together at our peaceful corner with the view of the rice fields, feel the cool breeze and listen to the birds and one another. Also, at our restaurant you can find cute gifts for yourself and your loved ones, such as artisan coffee, homemade fruit jam and other blissful things to remind you of your unforgettable experience at Cinta.


The Kitchen


Abderrahim Touqo


Abdoul Touqo comes from a family steeped in culinary history and tradition. He grew up learning Moroccan family recipes from his mother and grandmother, and has spent last 15 years in Asia, working as a Chef at many different kitchens, from hotels to downtown restaurants. As Abdoul says, his passion and expertise lie in “comfort food for the soul”, created out of the best hand-picked ingredients from the local markets. With a passion for cooking and baking, Abdoul is now bringing his talent and creativity to Cinta Cafe.